© 2018 Robert Gryphon

The Eyes in the Abyss

A Brand-New Sci-Fi Epic in Three Books

This is not a book
about the end of the world
or the advent of a new one

It isn’t a tale
about monsters and gods
or the line
between hero and villain

This is the story
of one man’s quest
for redress
for one death among billions

But he’ll find firsthand
how fickle Death can be…

When the Desecrating Plague turns most of the population to dust, survivors find themselves transformed in wonderful, terrible, strangely appropriate ways. A handful see the power of their convictions made practical by the forgotten primordial essence known as Animus. Becoming living incarnations of their perspectives on the world—a pantheon of gods—they must learn about their new abilities, and responsibilities, for themselves.

One man, having lost everything, seeks to punish those responsible, through a unique affinity with the inexorable forces of Entropy. Another must stop him by any means necessary. Unknown to both, a teenaged girl holds the key to the conflict in her hand…and by the hand. Set on a collision course by beings older than history, they walk the shifting landscape of a world where the flora and fauna, the earth, sea and sky, and even the physical laws are growing less and less familiar.

The interlinked stories of three individuals weave ever more tightly together as the epic tale builds to its climax. Journey with each through their trials and triumphs—and piece together the truth behind the changes that are sweeping through the world:

Procyon Weil, a family man with his family dead and nothing left to lose. Black-eyed and pale on a tall, thin frame, he marches westward from New England in search of answers—and a cure for the curse of newfound immortality.

Jack, or so he calls himself, a blacklisted photojournalist bound to complete his final freelance contract, torn between the craving for community and the lure of the open road. With a surfer's hair and deep blue eyes, he follows a sixth sense down the crumbling highway to the east, making deadly enemies—and deadlier friends—along the way.

Chase Turner, high school women’s MVP, ranges south from her Winnipeg home. Golden-haired with mismatched eyes, a gymnast’s build and the instincts of a predator, she adopts an orphan on the road…unaware that each will lead the other to her destiny.

Who'll be the villain, and who will play the hero?

Look into your heart, and find the answer.